Outside of the box


Hair: Barberyumyum: *94, brown, Knots&Co
Skin: Pumec: #16 - May, Catwa, Shiny Shabby gacha
Eyes: Inkheart: Allie, Choco, The Hard Catch 2017 Hunt (Thanks Inkheart!)
Nails: Hello Dave: French Ready 2, Lost&Found gift
Top: Scandalize: Crop Top, group gift
Pants: DRD: Wasteland Baggies, Black, Indie Teepee
Collar: Doe: Black Spiked Collar, The Gacha Garden gift
Ring: Meva: Bento Boho Forefinger, The Gacha Garden
Shoes: Empire: Pelargonium, Luxebox

Pose: Verocity: Poetic Pose Set, 1
Location: STAGE 2: Indie Teepee 2017

Windlight: Dusty

New at Dinkie Boutique

Petite Village is completely redecorated. It looks amazing. And wait until you see all the new dinkie fashions by Dinkie Boutique! For more, check out the new blog!


Pants: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies cargo shorts, black
Top: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies football shirt, red
Shoes: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies keds, red
Accessory: Dinkie Boutique: Dinkies umbrella red
Hair: MayCreationsWBG: flower pigtails black
Jewellery: ieQED rose ring
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Top: Dinkie Boutique: Carmen top, bw
Shoes: Dinkie Boutique: dinkies summer sandals red
Shorts: Dinkie Boutique: dinkies bermuda shorts, black
Sweater: Dinkie Boutique: hip sweater, red
Bag: Dinkie Boutique: city bag, red, wp
Hair: Cheveux: hairfair2017 gift fatpack (old)

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Windlight: Tor, Midday, Nostalgika

Rainbow Tinies 14th July, 2017: the pictures. Dj Story and Host Linn.

Rainbow Tinies 14th July, 2017: the pictures. Dj Story and Host Linn. At Whispering Hearts.

Ce Soir Arts exhibit: Beaches

9th of July, 2017: I took my cousin Minie to see the Ce Soir Arts exhibit, Beaches (July and August, 2017). The gallery is owned and curated by Mireille and Æeon Jenvieve. Their website is here.

Artists featured are: Æon Woodford, Daze Landar, Dolph Beornssen, Jojo Songliark, Larke Longmeadow, Mireille Jenvieve, Olyvia Decuir, Paula Cloudpainter, Pieni, Skyspinner Soulstar, Wildstar Beaumont, Xirana Oximoxi.

Windlight: Bryn Oh's Box Metales (on ultra)

Chinese Chill

MoShang, from Taiwan, has his own place in Second Life called Comfort Zone for events and his album download vendor. He has a regular Chinese Chill set there every Sunday "in time for sunset". The events consist of his live "original jazzy chilltronica" music and chatting over the tunes. He has a very interesting way of mixing sounds. The subscriber to follow his events gives a link to his tunes online (for free). The regulars at his set seem like a fun bunch. Virginia is a friend of mine, who invited me over. She does great readings in Second Life, for example H.P. Lovecraft ones. Mireille and Aeon own the famous Ce Soir Arts, where they generously allowed me to display some of my art for their new Beach exhibit. I asked Francesca the raccoon over to see us, and doesn't she look adorable and ready for party?